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Iglesia Delta?

A delta is a triangular land-form created when a river carries sediment into slower-moving or stagnant water, forcing the river to change or split into several new regions. Deltas are fertile because sand from different lands is brought by water


At Iglesia Delta, we believe that the Gospel is the change we all need. It enters our slow and stagnant lives, changes us into something new, and puts us in motion to create change in our world. Jesus, the Living Water, reconciles us to God and each other, transforming us into diverse and fertile ground that brings new life to the world around us

Church Interior


As the Gospel reconciles us to God and one another, enacting change in our community, we aim for our church to begin multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and influential churches and ministries in the communities around us.


Our 3 basic principles of ministry


To reconcile people to God, and each other


To teach what Jesus did, does, and says to do


To encourage all disciples to make disciples

“In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty,
In All Things Charity”

Mountain Ridge

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