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Sunday Service

Sundays Starting at 11 am

6236 Quail Ave, El Paso, TX 79924

Wednesdays- 6pm

Concrete Wall

Thinking of Visiting Iglesia Delta?

What to Expect

Iglesia Delta is an open and welcoming church. As a church plant, in our first year until we officially launch (that is to be opened to the public at large), we will begin with small group bible studies in the homes of our staff and volunteers-executed with excellence and enthusiasm. We do not wish to act larger than we are, but hold the perspective that God will bless our efforts as we present ourselves worthy of the Gospel message we have been entrusted with. We will be as simple, authentic, efficient and excellent as we possibly can. As we grow and gain influence, we will seek to centralize our meeting times and schedule, along with a rotating pulpit and ministerial duties. In addition to hosting bible studies in the community, we will simultaneously endeavor to plant a fully functioning college ministry at UTEP, establishing our connections with the athletic department and administration. Our typical services include dynamic and passionate music, prayer, and sermons. We are always overjoyed when people want to come to check us out, so please know there’s always room for more in our ranks. We can't wait!

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